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Magickal Seals


Seals of Solomon       Seals from the 6th & 7th Books of Moses       White Magic Seals of the Spirits      
Seals of the Sage of the Pyramids

These Magickal Seals are hand drawn in magickal inks on parchment paper by Eloise Kirlan according to traditional methods at the appropriate planetary hours and days. All Seals are consecrated and ready for use.

Traditionally, a Seal is carried in a pocket or worn next to the skin.
They may also be used in rituals and spells. Be sure to choose an appropriate incense, magickal oil or candle for your ritual.
Each Magickal Seal is approximately 7cm by 7cm and is supplied in its own protective envelope. With your Seal, you will also receive an information sheet containing easy to follow instructions for several methods of using your Seals.
If you would like your Seals personalised, please include your full name and date of birth when ordering.

All of our items are sold as CURIOS ONLY. We make no claims nor guarantee any supernatural or magical qualities for any products. The names and alleged powers are gathered from books, folklore and various other sources.

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