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Dragon's Blood Oil (Daemonorops Draco)

Dragons Blood resin is obtained from the resinous sap from the fruits of a small palm tree (Daemonorops Draco) native to Southeast Asia. For protection, psychic protection, clearing negative energies, love, fidelity good luck, attracting money, aiding meditation, purification, sexual potency, virility, exorcism, consecration, happiness, joy, strength, honesty, empowerment, animals, balance, clarity.

A little Dragon's Blood Oil can be added to any magickal oil to increase it's power and potency.

Dragons Blood is associated with:
Element: Fire
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Zodiac Signs: Aries, Sagittarius

Dragons blood has been used since ancient times as an incense and as a dye and medicine. The ancient Greeks and Romans used the resin to treat dysentery, diarrhoea and clean ulcers. During the 16th century Dragon's Blood resin was used for 'overflow of courses, influxes, dysenteries, spitting of blood and fastening of loose teeth' Due to it's bright red colour, Dragon's Blood resin was used in paint pigments and to stain glass and add colour to varnishes. During the 18th century, Italian violin makers used dragon

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