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3 Packs of Charcoal Discs



for burning Hand Blended Grain Incense (Loose Incense) Each pack contains 10 CHARCOAL DISCS

Charcoal discs are absolutely essential for burning hand blended incense (loose incense). The discs are sealed in an airtight foil pack to keep them fresh and dry so that they light easily. Once opened the pack should be re-sealed and stored in a cool dry place.

To Use

Remove a Charcoal Disc from the sealed pack and place in a censer or a heat proof dish. Light the edge of the Charcoal Disc with a match or taper. When the Charcoal Disc is red hot, place a small amount of hand blended grain incense on it. The incense will begin to smoulder and release fragrant smoke. The Charcoal Disc should be left to burn out and cool down in the censer.

Charcoal cannot be sent overseas, so please note that this item is only available to UK buyers.


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